Usually, the organization of a move concerns the house, the furniture, and the moving procedures. But at the same time, it’s also about worrying about your new home and starting to prepare for your move, which often leads to underestimating the most important move of all: transporting the car. How to do it easily and inexpensively?

Why the costs are differ depending on the type of car?

These are indicative prices for car transport. The costs vary, for example, if you have to transport a non-driving vehicle or a vintage car. It is better to call in professionals to find out the real cost of car transportation. Comparing several quotes remains the best way to quickly find the offer that best suits your needs and at the right price.

Car transport: Avoid wear and tear on your car

This may seem superfluous since the car is already a means of transport and does not need to be transported. But if you are moving from Geneva to Paris, which is a journey of almost over 550 km, driving that much distance is physically taxing. It’s also almost impossible if you want to organize your move on the same day/weekend! Not to mention that it is expensive and, depending on the condition of your car, sometimes such a trip is simply not an option.

Why does transporting your car yourself cost more?

Self-transporting cars are relatively expensive. Between gasolines, tolls, wear and tear on your car, and also the risk of breakdown or road accident on long journeys. Such a trip is even more painful if you are moving with your family and after all the stress of moving.

By what means to transport a car?

Several solutions are available to you for transporting your vehicle from your current residence to your new residence. Each of the options listed below offers variable guarantees and services at different prices. Be sure to find out beforehand about the advantages of these vehicle transport solutions in order to find the most satisfactory service:

  • car transport on platform
  • car transport by groupage
  • flatbed truck rental
  • the conveyance or transport of the car by a professional driver
  • private car transport
  • Car Carriers
  • container car transport
  • car trailer hire

Check that your car documents are in order

The movers can pick up your car from the collection point on delivery, but you must first check that you have all the necessary documents for moving the car. From an administrative point of view, you remain in charge of your vehicle.

Insurance for the transport of your car

Note that moving companies offer you additional insurance that protects your car during the stages of the move. However, you need to make sure you have the vehicle documents, up-to-date car insurance, up-to-date checks, and overhauls, even on moving day. So make sure that your vehicle has all the necessary documents before departure and that they are not lost.

Pick up location for your car

We advise you to organize the delivery in a fairly spacious place. So the moving company can easily access your vehicle, but also have enough space for loading maneuvers. You can also choose to drop off your vehicle at a connection center near you to facilitate these operations.

Choose the date for your car transport

We suggest that you be flexible with regard to delivery and collection dates. Choosing fixed dates is quite possible, but it increases costs. If, on the other hand, you are therefore flexible enough and you have no requirements or you only use the car a little on a daily basis, you can choose well in advance of the moving day of the dates when the car transport is cheaper

Note previous damage before transporting the car

Take the time to wash your car before leaving it. You can thus photograph your vehicle from different angles and note any scratches present before departure. Thus, you can easily make an observation in the event of damage found on your car. These recommendations serve to protect you from any eventuality.

Why use a professional moving company?

Trusting a professional company to transport your car from one city to another is first and foremost economical. Toll and fuel costs far exceed those of any self-transport fare. In addition, with car trailer hire, for example, you save up to 50% on the carrier price!

An alternative to more limited train transport

Relying on professionals is also useful in other ways. They represent the only safe alternative to transport by train, often limited to a few routes. It also depends on your route and the roads are taken. Or if you don’t prefer to drive on mountain roads etc.

Appropriate equipment for safe car transport

Choosing a driver to drive your car to its destination is not only expensive but also exposes the vehicle to greater risk, especially if you are traveling with a full load. As a result, movers using proper equipment are the best possible guarantee.

Flexibility of collection points and prices

Reliable companies often have a large network and are always available to users. They offer maximum availability in the choice of collection and drop-off points and guarantee a high service speed. In addition, they have certified experience in this activity and above all display clear and advantageous prices.