Discovering that you have locked your car keys inside the vehicle or have lost them is an experience many people can relate to very well. It manifests how easy it is to accept help from a stranger to help you retrieve them in such situations. They say desperate times call for desperate measures, but you find yourself alone when it comes to the consequences. Strangers can be dangerous and harm you, not forgetting cause extensive damage to the car lock. This is not to say that every stranger has an ulterior motive, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

The other option of breaking the car window is not safe since you might injure yourself or nearby spectators. It will also be costly to repair the window since insurance won’t cover it, and you have to bear the burden yourself. It is quite normal to be confused and even panic as you think of your next step.

It is a good thing that locksmiths offer comprehensive services nowadays, and we have them specialising in different areas. This ensures that clients can get the right person for the job. Most times, people assume that locksmiths Heidelberg only tend to residential and commercial lock services. They give a hand both in the office and at home when you can’t gain access. They sort you out instantly.

The continuous improvement in technology has made it convenient for locksmiths to offer comprehensive services and cover vast areas. You can easily choose one to handle all your issues whenever they arise. The varieties of services provided by an automotive locksmith are;

Duplication of keys

One of the safest ways you can safeguard yourself is by having extra keys. They come in handy when you have lost or locked your keys. This is the best way you can prepare yourself in case of adverse results. You will be at peace, knowing that it is time to initiate your backup plan. An automotive locksmith can duplicate keys for you and enhance security for you in the worst-case scenario.

Entry access after an emergency lockout

You can’t give a good reason why you have locked yourself out. Sometimes it might be because you were in a hurry or absent-minded. Either way, it’s too late, and something has to be done. The reality is you need entry so you can go on with your life and put the whole incident behind you. A professional automotive locksmith will be able to assist you without damaging your car.

Extraction of Broken Key

This is another terrible nightmare that can make you immobile for a while, wondering how and why it happened. It is devastating, to say the least, when you are left with a piece and the other piece inside the lock instead of getting the full key. It is even worse since you are not able to do anything about the whole situation. The automotive locksmith has the right tools needed for such a situation and will get the broken piece from the keyhole. They will leave the keyhole functioning again.

Trunk Opening

Sometimes the truck can get jammed and refuse to open up when you need to access it. You will need a professional to help you get the trunk open. This will guarantee that the automotive locksmith doesn’t damage the car or tamper with the lock but instead fix it and help you regain access. A professional automotive locksmith will identify the root cause of the jamming and fix it properly. Once they are done, you will get the chance to test if the trunk is working correctly. This will help you not incur damage costs. This is the main reason you should only engage a professional automotive locksmith and verify if they are insured in such incidences.

Unlocking the Ignition

Sometimes the ignitions can lockdown, making it impossible to use the vehicle the way you want to. They can unlock it for you and help you get on with your activities.
Automotive locksmiths play an essential role in our day-to-day lives, especially in lock emergencies. It is always good to verify that you are engaging an experienced, properly trained, and qualified automotive locksmith.